Under Armour Rumble Storm Polarized Sunglasses Review

Under Armour Rumble Storm Polarized Sunglasses Review. The Rumble Storm Polarized Sunglasses from Under Armour are form fitting with a large field of vision that virtually eliminates all glare even in the brightest of conditions.

Intense sun doesn’t just hit you from the top down but reflective glare will potentially affect you from all angles especially if you are boating, fishing, beach or mostly any outdoor activity.

The UA Rumble Storm sunglasses provide excellent coverage on all sides with the full coverage wrap to prevent sunlight and glare from peeking in but they also provide you with good peripheral vision. The polarized lenses keep the view crystal clear and keeps your environment looking crisp and detailed.

Under Armour Rumble Storm Polarized Sunglasses ReviewSunglasses are very personal

The shape can fit differently for different people. The Rumble Storm’s lenses are overall slightly larger than your average sunglasses so they run slightly large. Due to the form fitting contour and wrap around lenses they may work best for those with larger heads or faces. But the design is sharp, they look great and are built well even though they are plastic. Think bug eye ski goggle style, translated into sunglasses.


The UA Rumble Storm frames are constructed of titanium and Grilamid for strength, flexibility and impact resistance. The arm hinges provide some resistance when opening and closing the arms so they aren’t just loose. They meet and exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety eyewear standards so you can use them for civilian eye protection as well as tactical applications.

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Under Armour Rumble Storm Polarized Sunglasses ReviewProtection

It’s all about the protection and style. The Under Armour Rumble Storm Polarized Sunglasses provide excellent protection from the sun glare and block out 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, UVC rays from all angles. Satin blue polarized lens adds a touch of personality while providing crisp and clear vision. The larger design appeals to medium to larger sized heads and the lens coverage provides you with excellent field of vision. Available in Blk Frames with Satin lens or Blk frame with grey lenses.

UA Rumble Storm Polarized Sunglasses $159.00