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Delta Pulldown Faucet Touch2O Technology

Delta Pulldown Faucet Touch2O Technology

Every little convenience to help make your life a little easier is a welcome sight, especially when it comes to chores you need to perform on a daily basis of your life. The Delta pulldown faucets with Touch2O Technology are designed with functional elegance to enhance the look and usefulness of your kitchen and make your life just that much easier.

Pulldown kitchen faucet or bar style faucets are extremely useful and convenient to use. You not only get more real estate in your sink to work with, the pulldown faucet makes washing dishes and cleaning your sink a breeze.


On or Off with Just a Touch

Grease, Raw Chicken, hands full? No problem, just touch the Delta Faucet with Touch20 technology anywhere on the Spout or Handle turns the water on or off with just a touch. A convenient blue LED ring at the base that will let you know if the faucet is active or needs new batteries.

Delta-Touch2O-Technology-with-soap-dispenserDelta offers many shapes and styles for your Touch20 technology faucet. The Trinsic offers a contemporary sleek look while the Addison features a more traditional decorative look for your kitchen. Want a Touch20 technology soap dispenser for your kitchen sink? No problem, Delta makes bundled and stand alone Touch20 soap dispensers.

Improve the experience in your modern kitchen with a Delta Touch20 technology faucet. Delta offers an array of kitchen and bathroom faucets with Touch2O Technology to enhance your home.

Delta Pulldown Faucets Touch2O Technology