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Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT Review

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT Review

The new Series 3 3010BT electric shaver from Braun features cordless, wet/dry performance 3-in-1 wet/dry functionality for clean shaves and precision beard trimming in a single unit. Simply swap out the head for one of the 5 comb attachments and you’re good to go.

The Series 3 Shave & Style allows you to get a clean close shave, trim your sideburns or even groom your beard/body hair to a predefined length using the trimmer head and the different combs. It’s fully waterproof and stamped with an IPX7 Certification which means it can more than comfortably withstand being submerged water. It can handle being submerged in up to 5 meters of water so you’ll never need to worry about getting damaged in your sink or bathtub/shower.

The price point is reasonable, performance is on par. Battery life could be better. A suitable case would have been nice. Lets take a closer look at the Braun Series 3 3010BT.

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT Review
Braun 3010BT What’s in the box

What’s in the box

Inside the box is the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010s shaver which can be confusing. The BT stands for Beard Trimmer and simply includes the attachment heads along with the 3010s foil shaver. The 3010BT pkg also includes a Protective Cap, Cleaning Brush, SmartPlug, a Trimmer head, 1,2mm Combs for short stubble, 3mm, 5mm & 7mm Combs for longer length trims and a Travel Pouch.

The Series 3 Shave&Style comes with a travel bag but it won’t fit the power plug or the razor itself only the attachments. It’s easy enough to toss the power cord and razor into your toiletry bag but would prefer some sort of case for the shaver itself.

The protective cap attaches securely and offers extended coverage over the power button to deter accidentally turning it on in storage or transport which is helpful.

The Braun 3010 Beard Trimmer is IPX7 Certified giving you full waterproof confidence as it can withstand submersion up to 5 meters. Also features auto-adjusting SmartPlug for 110 – 220 voltages making travel a little easier.

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT Review
Braun Series 3 3010BT Shaving Experience


The shaving experience overall is a good one. The 3010BT is lightweight and pleasant to hold designed with ergonomics in mind. The blue rubber grip is secure even when wet and makes it easier to wash and handle.

The foil shaver is engineered with a Triple Action cutting system which integrates a middle trimmer along with the outer ones for a total of 3 independently spring loaded shaver blades that work in tandem to cut hair progressively. The 3 flexing blade heads make it very comfortable and easy to get around the contours of your face and jaw.

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT Review
Braun Series 3 3010BT Ergonomic Design

Typically and not just with razors, the more a device will do the less performance you get when executing those various tasks. Conversely the less a device does, typically it will excel at that one task it was designed for as all mechanics are designed around a single task.

Is the Series 3 3010BT the best razor we’ve ever used? No but it performs very admirably shaving and is a perfect trimmer and does what it was designed to do quite well. The Series 3 excels as a travel razor that can do everything you need so you can leave your primary razor at home. The shaving/trimming noise is quite loud when operating the 3010BT and a bit hollow sounding when compared to the Braun Series 7 or 9 razors.

There is no lifting and cutting action which can provide a little bit of a closer shave but typically us that pinching pulling feeling which we hate so the Series 3 works for us. You can get an even closer shave if you do a wet shave with foam or gel. Dry shave performance is quite acceptable.

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT Review
Braun 3010BT Trimmer attachments


The shaver/trimmer heads are very easy to deal with and click on and off without a hitch. Changing trimmer heads is simple and quick. The 1,2mm, 3mm,5mm,7mm give you a nice range of cutting lengths for various men’s grooming rituals and work quite well. You’ll find that you need to make several passes in a variety of directions to get your facial hair trimmed with the comb attachments.

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT Review
Series 3 Shave&Style 3010BT 7mm trimmer comb

The attachments however make things mindless and easy. Much better than sitting there with mustache scissors or trying to guide the back of the sideburn trimmer evenly around your facial hair only to make an oops and spend the rest of the day with an odd space in your beard. You can also opt to use the trimmer head without the comb attachments for precision trimming when the situation calls for it.

Using the precision trimmer is fast and accurate. Makes quick work of grooming your sideburns and back of your neck. The trimmer head like the foil head is also reversible.

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT Review
Braun 3010BT Care & Maintenance

Charge Time, Battery Life & Care

A Ni-MH reachargeable battery provides 45min of shave time with a 1 hour total recharge time. While 45 min might be enough for a few days of shaving clean, battery life doesn’t seem as long as other units we’ve tried. Thankfully with a total charge time of just 1 hour, you’re able to plug in for 5 min to quickly charge up ample juice for a daily shave. The charger cord will need to remain just a little closer by than the other shavers.

Make sure you rinse out the shaver at least once a week and oil it lightly with machine oil as you would any other electric foil razor. When it comes time to replace parts the 3010BT/3010s will illuminate the replacement LED icon near the bottom under the logo just above the model number. The notification LED will display after about 18 months or when it gets worn out, whichever comes first and will continue to remind you over the next 7 shaves to replace the foil and cutter cassette. Once you replace the foil and cutter the LED indicator resets itself.

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT Review
Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT Review

To Wrap Things Up

The Series 3 Shave & Style 3in1 Razor/Trimmer provides good overall performance in both wet/dry shaving and trimming with the various comb attachment lengths. The fast charging Series 3 is versatile, very easy to use and is stamped with an IPX7 certification for confident¬† cleaning. Precision trimming also allows you to perform beard, face and body grooming with a single device. The price point on the Braun 3010BT is reasonable and makes an excellent 2nd shaver/travel shaver or Father’s Day Gift. Comes with a 2-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

Braun Series 3 Shave&Style 3010BT MSRP $79.99