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Braun BT5090 Beard Trimmer

Trimming and cleaning up your beard daily can become a bit cumbersome. The BT5090 Beard Trimmer from Braun lets you quickly and easily trim up your beard with 25 different length settings for precision cuts with mindless effort.

Braun BT5090 Beard TrimmerTwo Precision Combs 25 Settings

The BT5090 comes with short and long Click&Lock trimming combs. The short comb or Precision comb is able to incrementally change from 1-10mm in 0.5 mm steps while the Long beard comb increments in 2mm steps ranged between 10 – 20 mm. Virtually no learning curve and you’ll be trimming your facial hair with consistency every time without much concentration. Just snap on the comb for the range of length you need, dial in the desired setting using the precision dial and after just a few trial runs you’ll find the lengths that work best for you that you can easily dial in every time for a consistent trim.

The built-in thumb accessible detail trimmer provides additional clean up support for sideburns or back of your neck etc. The Slide&Style system allows you to move to style your beard while the comb is still on giving you even more styling control.

Braun BT5090 Beard TrimmerAdjustable Voltages

No more travel adapter necessary when you travel, the Braun BT5090 features automatic adjustable voltages between 100V and 240V. The Dual Battery system provides corded or cordless operation and full charge can be reached in 1 hour providing up to 40 min of continuous use sans cord. The BT5090 trims with consistent accuracy and power, cord or no cord, in country or out!

Designed to perform. Design is more than what meets the eye. It is also about how a tool feels and how easy it is to operate. With the Braun beard trimmer you have maximum styling flexibility and precision in your hand.

Braun BT5090 Beard TrimmerWhats in the Box

The Braun beard trimmer is full washable under running water for maximum convenience. Comes with the BT5090 Beard Trimmer, Head clipping long comb, Precision comb, Appliance Oil, Cleaning Brush, Charging Stand with LED status light, Travel pouch and Charging cord.

Braun BT5090 Beard Trimmer $84.90