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Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone with ST-10+ Controller

Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone with ST-10+ Controller

The Chroma 4k Camera Drone comes with an FPV ST-10+ Controller with LCD and a 4k CG03 camera to capture high resolution video and still images. The price cut from $1,200.00 down to $699.99 makes the Chroma a great choice for novice and intermediate to advanced piloting. Entry level professional quadcopter with excellent build quality, without the professional price.


Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone with ST-10+ Controller
Chroma CG03 4k Camera with 3-axis gimble

Everything you need comes ready to go right in the box which includes the Chroma quadcopter, CG03 4k video camera with 3-axis gimble, ST-10+ FPV controller with Touch screen LCD display, 6300mAh LiPo flight battery, Charger and USB programmer cable for firmware updates. It is important to always update your firmware.


Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone with ST-10+ Controller
What’s in the Box

The complete setup comes ready to fly and provides a nice flight time of up to 30 minutes. The only thing you need to do is charge the battery for the Chroma and the ST-10+ and spin the self-tightening props onto the four 780Kv Brushless Outrunner motors. Video Link connects over 5.8GHz band with 600m (1,970 ft) of range and is equipped with GPS/GLONASS for accurate global positioning.


Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone with ST-10+ Controller
Blade Chroma 6800mAh LiPo Battery 30 minute flight time

The only thing that I’d want is potentially a case, which will run you an additional $200 which seems a bit pricey for a hard case that will only fit the Chroma. Alternatively you can use the box that it came in for carry and storage.


Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone with ST-10+ Controller
Yuneec ST-10+ Flight Controller

ST-10+ Flight Controller with Touchscreen LCD

I personally dislike when you are expected to attach a tablet or smartphone to your controller just to see the live viewpoint from the drone. The ST-10+ flight controller from Yuneec features a 5.5 inch touchscreen display built on a familiar Android platform. All your pertinent information is accessible right in front of you and the touchscreen makes navigating the User Interface intuitive and easy to master. You may have heard of the Yuneec Typhoon H which has redefined the standards of professional aerial photography and videography.

The ST-10+ Flight Controller features an easy to use layout with dedicated video and still camera buttons for a convenient easy to use experience. The touchscreen LCD is aligned across the bottom which can be slightly different if you’ve been piloting as many controllers top align the screens, but isn’t hard to deal with at all.


Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone with ST-10+ Controller

Flight Modes

The Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone from Horizon Hobby offers 4 flight modes; Smart Mode, AP Mode, Follow Me Mode and Tracking mode make the Chroma fun at any piloting level from beginner right up to expert.

Smart Mode is primarily made for first time or novice pilots and features Stick relativity; meaning forward is forward and back is back no matter which way the drone is oriented. SAFE circle keeps a perimeter around the pilot that can protect you from flying the aircraft blades into your head.

AP Mode is geared more for the those pilots that have some flight time under their belt and offers more conventional flight with no Stick relativity while keeping smooth stabile panning and tracking shots. Both Smart Mode and AP Mode allow the drone to auto-hold position and altitude when the stick is released. This makes it easy to look away at something while you’re mid flight.

Follow Me Mode allows the pilot to preset an altitude and distance so you can fiddle with camera angles and still shots while it follows your movement. Tracking Mode is similar but completely takes over and simply follows at the parameters you set just like Follow Me Mode but automatically angles the camera wherever the ST-10+ Controller goes. To resume control, simply start moving the flight sticks and you’re back in the pilot seat.

Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone with ST-10+ Controller

Return Home Function & Adjustable Flight Boundaries

The Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone features the familiar Return Home function which lets you return the drone back to it’s lift off point without the need of flying it back home. The Return Home function comes in handy when you lose visual contact and always brings it in for a safe, soft landing. If you’re in an open field with clean airspace you can ride the Return Home feature all the way back to your lift off point. Obstacle avoidance and AI is still being perfected with drone flight so being able to resume control at any time which is necessary. You should always keep visual contact with your drone during flight.

In addition, the Chroma features Adjustable Flight Boundaries making it easy to set a ceiling altitude and distance so you can stay safe and not get arrested because you flew somewhere you shouldn’t be.

Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone with ST-10+ Controller

Wrap Up on the Blade Chroma 4k Drone

The Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone with Yuneec ST-10+ LCD Touchscreen Flight Controller from Horizon Hobby is ready to fly out of the box. Easy to use flight controls, touchscreen UI and 4 Flight Modes make piloting the Chroma fun for the novice, intermediate or expert pilot. The included CG03 4k camera with 3-axis gimble makes taking professional quality video and still shots a breeze. The ready to fly package has everything you need to lift off right out of the box and with the price drop makes the Chroma Drone with CG03 4k camera and ST-10+ Controller a winner for a wide audience.

Blade Chroma 4k Camera Drone with ST-10+ Controller MSRP $1,199.99 $699.99