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BACtrack C8 Portable Breathalyzer: Measure your drunkenness

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. Last call seems like a good thing while you’re still buzzing but DUI is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. What if you could measure your drunkenness with a pocket-size gadget and get an estimate to when you are ok to drive?

The C8 unit is fun to use and is sure to attract your drunk buddies. I’ve yet to see a drunk crowd that wasn’t compelled to try it out. But it’s more than just a conversation piece, it’s about your and everyone’s safety on the road.

BACtrack C8 Portable Breathalyzer: Measure your drunkenness
Calculates your Blood Alcohol Content and an EST to when you will be sober

At the heart of the BACtrack C8 is the BluFire fuel cell sensor technology that can accurately measure your blood alcohol content. According to the company, it is as accurate as the breathalyzer device an officer of the law would use for a DUI stop.

BACtrack C8 Portable Breathalyzer: Measure your drunkenness
How to use BACtrack C8 and test results


The BACtrack C8 is very small, about the size of a typical USB wall plug/adapter you’d use for your smartphone. The unit measures 2.5″ x 2.2″ x 0.66″ and weighs just 2.0 oz or 56g. The C8 breathalyzer device comes with 3 mouthpieces and is powered by a typical AAA battery that comes pre-installed. The device is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and provides a BAC range of 0.000 to 0.400%.

The compact personal device can be used as a stand-alone or it can work in tandem with the BACtrack app which can save a history of your readings in a private log located on the cloud. The app provides visual cues and instructional feedback on running the test. It can also keep a  running history, notes, take a pictures for reference or even call an Uber for pickup. You can even  take a guess on how drunk you think you are before you run a test.

BACtrack has provided the C8 Breathalyzer device as a courtesy so that we could provide first hand review coverage of the unit and our experience with it to our readers.

BACtrack C8 Portable Breathalyzer: Measure your drunkenness
How to use BACtrack C8 Breathalyzer

How to use the BACtrack

The process is simple and provides you with immediate readings so you can tell what your Blood Alcohol Content is at that time. It will also calculate how long it will be before you are sober or under the legal alcohol limit. If you’ve ever been pulled over for suspected drunk driving you’re probably already familiar with how this all works and using the C8 isn’t any different.

  1. Press and hold the power button to turn the unit on. It takes about 10 seconds or less to warm up the sensor and the OLED display will let you know it’s ready for you.
  2. Blow into the mouthpiece when prompted without allowing any air to escape for 5 seconds. An audible beep is heard as long as you are blowing hard enough and long enough. But if you’re breath isn’t consistent it might ask you to run the test again. A double chime will tell you the test is complete as does the OLED screen.
  3. After a short calculation (seconds) the BACtrack C8 will provide your blood alcohol content level as well as the estimated time it will take before your BAC returns to zero. You’ll also see a brief scrolling message that comments about the level of your impairment.

The Summer is officially here and with it comes lots of backyard parties, drinking and great times. But a few rounds of drinks and some bad decisions can abruptly turn your and/or someone’s day around for the worse. Don’t guess and make the wrong choice. After all alcohol impairs your judgement so you can’t always trust yourself when Under the influence.

The BACtrack C8 is available for sale now at bactrack.com and at more than 6,000 CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide.

BACtrack C8 Portable Breathalyzer: Measure your drunkenness
How long till I am sober?

That’s a Wrap

The BACtrack C8 portable breathalyzer is a useful and convenient device to carry around with you when you go out for drinks. You can measure your blood alcohol content with the same accuracy that you would find if a police officer gave you a breathalyzer test. Safely test your BAC before you get into the car and be more responsible. The device is fun to use and is sure to give you and your buddies a drunk activity that’s actually productive to add to your evening.

BACtrack C8 Breathalyzer $99.99

The BACtrack C8 is a very small and convenient device that allows you to accurately test your blood alcohol content level anywhere anytime in about 30 seconds. It can also provide you with an estimate as to when you will be sober. The personal breathalyzer can be used with or without your smartphone and can save your or someone else's life one day.


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