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SmellWell Knocks the Stink out of your shoes

If you’re feet are anything like ours, they stink pretty badly after a workout or long day on your feet. Once you take off your shoes you’ll need to air them out properly. If you don’t the moisture will promote bacteria growth and before you know it you’re sneakers become a petry dish.

It isn’t just for your shoes or sneakers. Often times after an activity, we’re tired, spent, about to collapse, so occasionally it can be easy to get a little lazy about airing out your workout gear. Use it in your gym bag, Ski boots, boxing gloves, sleeping bag to eliminate the stinky and extend the life of your gear.

SmellWell Knocks the Stink out of your shoes
SmellWell’s convenient Pouches make all your wearable gear smell better

If you’re the athletic type, you know you need to air out your gear when you get back or you won’t be too happy the next time you put it on. Adding a SmellWell pouch to the process couldn’t be easier and works very well. We are happy with the results.

SmellWell Knocks the Stink out of your shoes
SmellWell Shoe Freshener Pouches, 2pk

The SmellWell product comes in a pack of two pouches. When you return from your run, workout, errands simply plop one in each shoe and walk away. They absorb moisture and removes odors as well.

Is it a deodorizer too? Sure, the SmellWell product does provide a scent that resembles carpet refresher powder. The scent isn’t overpowering but enough to put a pleasant smell into your shoes.

You’ll get about 3-4 months of use, according to the company and is dependent upon how much moisture is present. So while it may last 3-4 months in your stinky shoes, lifespan can be shortened when placed inside say very sweaty boxing gloves. That said, you’ll need to be a little more diligent replacing them, depending on how sweaty your gear is.

Trying to place these to resurrect a pair of super stinky shoes or gloves that have crusted sweat and mold inside isn’t going to happen. That said, you CAN have favorable results in making your older shoes a little better an breathe some new life into them. We’ve managed to make a pair of sneakers that were put aside for “working at home” tolerable again.

However, it is best to use SmellWell on new shoes right from the get go, before any bacteria or moisture gets stuck inside. If your SmellWell pouch becomes a little stinky, you an air them out to make them last a little longer too. Do not wash the SmellWell, it’s a throwaway once you’re done.

SmellWell Knocks the Stink out of your shoes
SmellWell for your Hiking boots

Wrap Up

You don’t have to deal with stinky embarrassing odors and bacteria in your shoes. Conveniently toss them into your footwear to keep them fresh without too much thought. SmellWell pouches work on virtually anything that can trap odor that you wear whether it’s sneakers, cleats, MTB shoes, ski boots, hiking boots, sporting gear, football or hockey pads…. SmellWell is an effective and inexpensive weapon to help you keep the gear that’s closest to you smelling nice so you do too.

SmellWell $9.95 pk of two