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Hanwag Bergler Handcrafted Hikers

The Hanwag Bergler men’s boot is handcrafted, stylish and made to last. These boots work double duty as a casual boot and off-trail hiker. They are a shoe that is worth re-soling again and again.

Heavy Duty

The Men’s Bergler boot is heavy duty, but polished and feel great. Plenty of room for a wide foot and run slightly larger in size to accommodate a thicker sock. The upper waxed nubuck and sole unit are double-stitched together for unparalleled durability. The Hanwag Bergler’s are essential cold weather gear and made to last.


In a time where production is fast and furious with throw away items, it’s refreshing to see a company that makes a product that is built to last. The Hanwag Boot company has been creating long lasting boots with their Time-honored Double Stitched Technique that has been tried and true for nearly a century. The Hanwag Bergler men’s boot is certainly worthy of resoling for years to come.

It is this double stitching technique along with painstaking hours of attention handcrafting provide excellent longevity.  Reduced seams provide excellent comfort and reduce and rubbing pressure points with VibramĀ® Tessin sole with additional Sturdy EVA rubber outsole Wedge sole and shock absorber in the Flex zone heel. The quality construction and super convenient and Easy Roller smooth ball bearing lacing system with upper lace hooks makes it a pleasure to take on or off.

“Hanwag has made robust and long-lasting boots with the time-honored double stitched technique for nearly a century, and we intend to keep it that way in the centuries to come.”

Hanwag Bergler Handcrafted Quality Hiker

The Hanwag Bergler handcrafted hikers are warm, comfortable and built to last. They wear nicely for casual attire and are suitable for challenging hikes in lower mountain ranges and easier treks, including off-trail use and ascents.
Available in Marone (Chestnut 332)

Hanwag Bergler men’s boot $400.00