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Points Of Light Deluxe Lightshow Projection Review

If you’re tired of the same ol string Christmas lights that you need to fasten to your home each year check out the Points Of Light Deluxe by Gemmy Lightshow is fun, looks great and doesn’t require a ladder to hang.

Points of Light Deluxe Lightshow Projection Review
Points Of Light Deluxe Lightshow with 4 button Remote

You can control all your other connected home security devices remotely why not your Holiday lights? The Points Of Light Deluxe lightshow projection device comes with a 4-button remote to control the multi-color LEDs and motion effects from up to about 20 feet away. The lightshow projection unit features 13 color themes for various occasions or Holidays and 5 lighting effects that include; Sparkle, Steady Burn, Starry Night, Glimmer or Lightshow. You are able to project bright colors/patterns up to about 50 feet and can project them with motion or keep the lighting static. If you need larger coverage area, two units will work in tandem and can be controlled simultaneously with a single remote.

Points of Light Deluxe Lightshow Projection Review
Points Of Light Deluxe combination open tripod or closed spike stand design


The unit comes with a clever little stand that you can use as a single stake or expand the extra legs into a tripod shape. The stand is much lighter and thinner than I thought while the LED projector lamp is a bit larger than I thought. It’s somewhat top heavy but it seems to adequately maintain position through the combination of the angled neck and ball joint.

Simply insert the ball joint end of the tripod/stake into fastener/bolt and then into the receptacle under the Points Of Light and screw the fastener/bolt down. The tightener screw doesn’t seem to do as much as I would like but again using the angled neck to your advantage you can still achieve the best projection angle you need for your installation location.

You can use the stand spike style and stake it down in the ground or open up the legs for tripod stance. While the combination spike and tripod stand design is unique the lightweight plastic seems a bit delicate and a leg could easily be broken, especially indoors if someone steps on it.

Update: The tripod/stake combo stand is relatively weak. The concept is cool but in practice the well made projection housing is just too heavy for it. The ball joint neck is almost worthless as the tightening screw is just not engineered properly for any grip. You can screw it on as tight as it goes and it won’t hold the neck in position very well. For such as well made projection unit, a sturdy base would have been much appreciated, or even a second stand for indoors.

The tripod, you’ll just need to be super careful with it and it will work. The neck and connection point, you may want to invest in some teflon tape, not too much but just enough to increase the width so the tightening screw will be able to hold the ball joint sufficiently.

Points of Light Deluxe Lightshow Projection Review
Points Of Light Deluxe rear of projection housing

Just plug it in and use the remote to change the colors and patterns. The Points Of Light Deluxe lightshow projection will work best against a flat wall or surface.

Holiday Lighting that sets up easy and tears down just as easily.

The remote is much more slender and petite than it appears and runs off of a supplied CR2032 battery. The controls are basic; on/off, color change, pattern change, static/movement buttons. On the bottom of the unit is the battery compartment. The remote works very well for us, the change action is pretty immediate. The manual suggests to wait 2 seconds after each change before changing the selection for longevity.

Points of Light Deluxe Lightshow Projection ReviewProjection Lightshow

The Points Of Light Deluxe Lightshow is great fun for the kids, they will love the colors and movement of the lights. The brightness is pretty good and will cover up to a 50ft width being positioned about 20ft away from your intended projection area. It’s not the brightest projection device we’ve ever used but it’s bright enough.

The unit is equipped with 1x 1Watt and 3x 3Watt LED lights that shine from within a translucent textured globe inside a covered projection housing. The unit is weather resistant and made for both indoor/outdoor use so it should be able to withstand more or less anything your Christmas lights can. There’s a total of 12 different color combinations and 98 different lighting effects.


The Points Of Light Deluxe Lightshow Projection device is inexpensive cool way to decorate your home for the holidays without having to climb the house. It’s designed to run both indoor and outdoor so you can also entertain guests with your own little disco. Powered by low energy consuming LEDs and remote control it’s a great little device to add a little more fun to the holiday decorations.

Points Of Light Deluxe Lightshow Projection $34.88 exclusively at Walmart