Cufflinks add such a classy touch of style to your New Year’s get-up. The Double Agent Magnetic Cufflinks from Exuvius are cool with a modern style and modular design that fits any mood.

Exuvius Double Agent Magnetic Cufflinks
Exuvius Double Agent Magnetic Cufflinks exploded view

Cufflinks are an essential accessory for any civilized gentleman and secret agents alike.

They snap together in a two-piece design that is easy to use and stays put. You won’t have to worry about losing them as they marry with a magnetic/snap closure system. The center has a post that marries and locks with it’s opposite half. The magnetic properties help to guide the connection but the “snap” portion really locks it in place.

Exuvius Double Agent Magnetic Cufflinks
Double Agent Cufflink Modular Designer Caps


The Exuvius cufflinks exude a modern look and construction that features interchangeable caps. The Interchangeable Cap System allows you to personalize your look without having to purchase a new set. Just spin them off and swap the mirror Stainless steel caps out for the black/white Carbon fiber, Acacia wood, Champagne Gold, Blue stone designer caps to compliment your style.

Loose a shirt button? You can even spin off the caps entirely, drop the button pieces out and screw the two together for a quick field repair on your shirt. There’s a black button in one side and a white button on the other. Poke the pointer through your shirt, the magnetic properties will help let you know it’s in place and then spin them together to secure the button, very clever.

Exuvius Double Agent Magnetic Cufflinks
Exuvius Double Agent Magnetic Cufflinks in polished piano black wooden case

They come in a slick wooden piano-black hinged storage box suitable for your watch drawer or to sit atop your dresser for display. The inner cushion flips over to with cutouts for 10 additional caps to be stored in the box.

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Exuvius Double Agent Magnetic Cufflinks
Double Agent Magnetic Cufflinks Single Link Cuffs and French Cuffs

Wrap up

The Double Agent Magnetic Cufflinks feature a modular design with their Interchangeable Cap System. Exuvius offers a choice of 6 additional cap styles you can purchase to personalize your look. Also doubles as shirt button in a pinch. You can also purchase the Gift Box Set which includes the Double Agent Magnetic Cufflinks and all 6 designer caps for $250.00

Double Agent Magnetic Cufflinks $100.00
Designer Caps $30.00 – $35.00