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Unlocking the Thrills: Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter Review – Speed, Range, Features

Hiboy S2 E-Scooter Review, Unlocking the Thrills

Electric scooters, e-bikes, hoverboards are everywhere and personal EV’s are only getting more popular by the day. But there are so many choices and brands out there that it can be really confusing to choose. If you’re considering the Hiboy S2 electric scooter we’ll go over some of the pros and cons of this personal EV. Let’s dig in.

Unlocking the Thrills: Hiboy S2 E-Scooter Review - Speed, Range, Features
Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter folded for transport


The Hiboy S2 E-Scooter features a 36v 7.5Ah Li-ion battery and a 350W motor for a maximum speed of 18.6 mph or a 17 mile range. A disc brake on the rear tire for stopping power. The S2 comes equipped with both a Power Brake lever and a manual brake lever.

It comes equipped with a headlight, brake light and LED deck lighting for safety. Folded the S2 measures 45.7″L × 17.0″W × 19.3″ H, in its’ upright position 45.7″L × 17.0″W × 47.2″ H. Total weight is 31.9 lbs and comes with 8.5″ honeycomb tires. Maximum load is 220 lbs.

Charging time is 3-5hrs typically. When transporting or storing you can fold down the main stem and it will hook to the rear tire making it easier to carry. If you don’t fold it, carry can be awkward and can put undue stress on the stem or main vertical tube.

Comes with the Hiboy S2 e-scooter, charging cable, Allen/hexagonal wrench, screws, quick start guide and user manual. The Hiboy S2 is also App supported for more functionality.

The app

The app isn’t completely necessary but it is helpful to have since it does give you some added functionality like locking the S2 electronically which you cannot do manually from the UI on the neck.

In addition to locking the Hiboy S2 you can change the Speed settings to Sport or Drive Modes. You can also specify the top speed so if you wanted to lower the top speed of the Sport mode from the max 18.6 down to say 15mph for stability you can do so. If you need to change the metric from mph to kph you’re in the right spot. Turn the lights on or off.

The S2 by default requires a rolling start of 3.1 mph before the throttle will engage the electric motor but if you feel you’d prefer to remove that feature you can. Keep in mind that if you disable this safety feature it is highly possible to accidently press the throttle.


Shipping was super quick and the S2 arrived within days of the order. The S2 is packed with care and arrived in good shape undamaged. There is some minor assembly to do. It’s not complicated and anyone can do it relatively easily though for some it might be helpful to have an extra set of hands, especially when unpacking it.

The neck/handle bars are not connected for shipping so you just need to tuck the wire into the stem and carefully marry the handle bars/neck. Screw it together with 4 of the provided machine screws. That’s about it really for assembly. It’s quick and you can be off and riding within 10-15 minutes.


On smooth level ground the S2 e-scooter rocks. The S2 is enjoyable to ride and acceleration is very responsive. On standard speed/Drive Mode you can achieve up to 13 mph on the high speed/Sport Mode you can get up to 18.6 mph. You can reach full speed pretty quickly in either mode. The UI shows your digital speedometer just above the power button.

Keep in mind that this is a fair weather personal EV. Although the S2 is certified IPX4, it is not ideal to be riding this during inclement weather or through puddles, wet leaves or slick roads. The honeycomb tires cannot be punctured since there isn’t any air inside but they can be slippery when wet. While the solid honeycomb tires can last longer than air filled tires, they do seem to wear down a bit quicker than we would have thought they would. Replacement drive wheels can be purchased for $99 from hiboy.com which is a bit steep considering that’s 1/3 of the price of the S2 itself.

The S2 carries with it an IPX4 rating which means it can withstand splashing but not any type of submersion in water. IPX4 is the lowest waterproof/resistant rating and is commonly found on personal devices, phones, headphones, watches etc.

If you’re a beginner or during the orientation time when you first start riding the Hiboy S2 you’ll want to try and stick to the slower Drive Mode (13mph max). As you become more comfortable to the S2 you can step up to the Sport Mode (18.6mph max). Initially the Sport mode can feel quite squirly and unstable so it’s best not to go full throttle in Sport mode until you get your balance down.

Since the stem has no travel and the front end has no shocks it’s best not to try and ride over bumpy terrain like grass. If you can center your weight and loosen your grip slightly like your going over the whoop-de-doos on a bmx bike you’re all set but not everyone has that agility, and certainly less have it on an e-scooter.

If you grip the handle bars tightly like your hanging on for dear life while going over bumps you’ll end up placing some extra strain on that main stem. For that same reason you do not want to try and pull wheelies or jump off curbs with the S2. The welds seem solid but there have been reports here and there about the main stem snapping in half. So best not to abuse the frame.

Hiboy S2 Drive Wheel 8.5 inch Honeycomb tire

Hills, Grass & Potholes

Up hill the S2 is able to handle up to a 15 degree incline, though for smaller lighter riders the S2 can exceed that 15 degree incline but certainly loses umph. When the incline becomes too much the S2 sometimes slow to a crawl or even stop depending. If you’re trying to negotiate a hill it may make sense to try and carry some momentum and go up full speed at full throttle when possible.

On grass the S2 falls flat and is not able to perform well from a dead stop or even on the smallest of inclines. However, if you carry some momentum the S2 can get you across some smaller grassy areas.

Potholes are a big danger zone for the S2. Due to the honeycomb tires and lack of any front suspension, the S2 can become erratic or squirly when traveling over potholes or any kind of loose debris on the ground. Any vibration and vertical movement will be fully transferred to your ride. It is best to navigate around such areas for safety sake.

Acceleration, Top Speed & Range

Acceleration is pleasantly satisfying. On the right side is the throttle lever, all black. Works great and is easy to use. The threshold for the electric motor to engage is 3.1 mph. You’ll need to push off manually with your foot to get rolling and then you can depress the throttle lever to engage the electric motor. This is a welcome feature so you are not able to accidentally start the S2 by inadvertently moving the throttle lever. Until you get used to it you’ll want to depress the lever in a slow and controlled manner.

The S2 is able to achieve 18.6 mph in Sport Mode (high setting) and 13mph in Drive Mode (Low setting). The S2 pro models have an Eco Power Saving mode, while the S2R has the ability to swap batteries out on-the-fly. I’m not entirely sure why all S2’s aren’t S2R’s so you can hot swap a battery in more easily.

Your mileage may vary depending on the riders weight, negotiated terrain, and condition of battery. The base S2 model is rated to travel a total of up to 17 miles distance.

Chances are you will not get the full 17 mile range if you’re running in Sport mode. Remember when judging battery life, often times these numbers are based on perfect conditions so our suggestion is do not expect to get the exact documented range. That goes for any EV.

Hiboy S2 rear disc brake and caliper

Braking, Tires & Suspension

Just in front of the throttle is the manual brake, similar to a bike brake. On the left grip is the emergency power brake lever (marked with red) which uses battery power. You’ll want to be very careful with the power emergency brake as it is very sensitive; so if you push it too much, you may get launched off the S2. Thankfully the power brake is progressive; meaning it’s possible to just depress it a little and get just a little braking power. Conversely the more you depress the power brake lever the harder the brake caliper will grip and stop the S2.

Riding downhill will however test your nerves.

The braking system can be quite scary to use and we highly recommend that you do not throttle up when riding downhill. Using either the thumb lever for the power brake or the manual brake on the right the disc will yield much the same result; even if you gently press the brake with consistent pressure when you’re going full speed downhill the brakes create a herky-jerky response. The caliper will squeeze, release, squeeze, release etc. But in the meantime with no front suspension each brake pulse makes you often feel like you’ll get launched over the handlebars.

The tires are 8.5″ honeycomb tires. These are not Pneumatic tires (air filled) and your riding style should match. Solid honeycomb tires can be good, they typically last longer than air filled tires but they offer little to no absorption of the bumps in the road.

There is no front-end suspension but there is rear suspension. The S2 comes with the rear suspension cranked up for a 165lb person. You can however adjust the rear suspension to be softer for a lighter rider. Lay the S2 down on it’s side and underneath just in front of the rear tire are two 9/16 or 14mm bolts.

Tighten or Loosen the bolts using an open ended wrench to stiffen or relax the rear suspension. When adjusting the bolts, assure that you are turning each of the bolts the same amount of rotations to keep them even. Softening up the rear suspension can work 2-fold; it will help absorb some of the vibration and make your ride a little more comfortable but also makes the S2 slightly more forgiving when riding. For lighter riders this can make all the difference.

Pros & Cons


There’s a good amount of bang for buck involved here with the Hiboy S2. First, you get 2-speed modes depending if you want to optimize range or just ride faster. While the headlight isn’t exactly the best, it is there and does help, but the brake light and running board LED’s are red so they aren’t distracting to other motorists on the road but plenty bright so that you cannot miss it. In fair weather dry conditions on a smooth asphalt road the Hiboy S2 rides like it’s on glass. Responsive and agile, the solid honeycomb tires excel in dry weather.


While it may be somewhat of a preference it does seem better to have pneumatic tires (air filled). Air filled tires absorb more of the vibration, give a smoother ride over choppy terrain and is generally gives a more stable ride than the honeycomb style solid tire. There is no front suspension on the S2. If it had some travel you might get a smoother and more forgiving ride even with the 8.5″ tires. Wider 10″ honeycomb tires are a bit more stable.

The charging brick can get a bit hot when charging it so you’ll want to make sure you’re home. It does have overcharging sensors and will stop once the battery is full but it is still recommended to unplug it once the charge is topped off. While the braking system works relatively safely on level ground, when going downhill it can be scary using the brakes. The neck is not adjustable so we do not recommend the S2 for younger shorter riders.

That’s a Wrap

The Hiboy S2 e-scooter is a great overall choice for a commuter scooter or just for casual fun. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better performing scooter at the current sale price. A fair weather EV, the S2 gives you a fast and fun ride. It’s quick, it’s agile and performs very well in dry weather. You can get up to a maximum of 18.6mph or a 17 mile range and best of all it won’t break the bank.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter $299.99

Build Quality
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unlocking-thrills-hiboy-s2-electric-scooter-reviewThe Hiboy S2 e-scooter is a great commuter scooter and for casual riding alike. The S2 comes feature packed with power disc braking, LED lighting, electronic locking and more. It's very responsive and fun to ride. The ability to change from Sport mode to Drive mode makes Hiboy's S2 e-scooter appropriate for beginners and more experienced riders alike. Excellent acceleration, recommended for teens on up.

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