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Arden Cove’s Crissy Full Crossbody: Rest easy, you look cute!

Arden Cove Crissy Full Crossbody

Ever feel like your crossbody is just too small to be as useful as it could be? Frustrated trying to land somewhere between stylish & practical? Arden Cove’s Crissy Full Crossbody with locking clasps strap is a stylish, secure and functional purse in a super cute design. Let’s take a look at this gem.


Height: 6.5” (16.5 cm)
Width: 3.5″ (8.9 cm) on bottom including pocket, 2″ (5cm) on top, without pocket
Length: 8.5” (21.6 cm)
Weight: 1.2 lbs (544 g)


The Crissy Full Crossbody comes in 12 different color ways that look fantastic; You have options. Much like a traditional crossbody purse except the Crissy Full provides you with 3.5 inches of depth for more room in a similar profile as your existing crossbody.

Our Crissy Full Crossbody strap comes with locking clasps but there are a variety of straps available: Faux leather (11″-25″), Faux leather wide (12.5″-21.5″), Chain (18″, 20″, 23″) and Jacquard (17″ – 28″), Short Jacquard 10″-13″.

Crissy Full Crossbody main compartments and hardware


The Crissy is more than just a pretty face and takes a 2-in-1 approach. A main compartment and a built-in wallet make your life easier so you’re not fumbling around.

Metal studs/feet

Who want’s to scuff up the bottom? The metal studs or feet are a welcome sight and a nice deterrent. It won’t stop everything but it’s helpful.

Provided your keys are on a leash, there’s a thoughtfully placed D-ring inside you can attach your keys to so you don’t spend time rummaging for them.

Crissy Full Crossbody Waterproof zippers


The exterior is made of waterproof nylon and so it’s super easy to clean. Matching waterproof nylon zippers secure both of the main compartments. They’re slightly tougher to slide open but worth the effort to keep any drips from making their way inside, great feature.


On the interior of the main compartment are 2x (50/50) large wall pockets on the front side and a large full zippered pocket on the main compartment side/back. The interior is pleasantly lined with satin polyester for a nice polished experience.

The Crissy Crossbody features a super useful and practical built-in wallet so you don’t have to try and stuff yours in here. The built-in wallet features 8 card slots and a bill slot for your convenience.

Arden Cove Crissy Full Crossbody

Recommended Buy

The Crissy Full Crossbody with locking clasp strap is the lightweight, agile purse you want to take with you on your next trip. Arden Cove’s Crissy Full Crossbody is compact yet roomy, playful yet practical and above all else stylish. It makes for a fantastic daily driver as well.

Crissy Full Crossbody Colors
Crissy Full Crossbody Colors

Available in a beautiful array of color patterns, you can’t go wrong here ladies.

Arden Cove Crissy Full Crossbody with Locking Clasps Strap $189.00

Quality & Material
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arden-cove-crissy-full-crossbody-rest-easy-you-look-cuteThe Arden Cove Crissy Full Crossbody with locking clasp strap is a super cute, lightweight purse with a built-in wallet, lined with RFID blocking material that holds 8 cards, slash proof with locking strap, this lightweight beauty makes your travels just a little more convenient while most importantly, keeps you looking cute!

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