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GameSir G8 Galileo Review Type-C Controller: Mobile Gaming Gear

GameSir G8 Galileo Review Type C Mobile Gaming Controller

Mobile gaming is way more fun than it’s ever been with the latest phones like the iPhone 15 and Galaxy S24 Ultra, but ultimately you’re still playing with a virtual controller. The GameSir Galileo G8 Type-C is a full sized gaming controller just like your PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch so you can get the console experience on-the-go anywhere you are. Lets take a closer look at the G8 Galileo mobile gaming controller.

G8 Galileo Specs

The G8 Galileo supports both Android and iPhone 15 with Type-C port. The G8 features a telescopic design to fit most any smartphone. The tilting Type-C port makes it safer to add your phone without damaging your port. Serrated rubberized plastic grips the top and bottom of your phone for a secure that doesn’t feel like it would damage the phone.

GameSir G8 Galileo Review Type C Mobile Gaming Controller

iPhone 15 Type-C series and Android Type-C phones.
Compatible Phone Size (without phone case):

110-185 mm in length
13 mm or below in depth
Phone camera depth ≤ 5mm

Power is provided by your phone so there’s no onboard battery but also no need to worry about keeping a charge on the G8 Galileo controller either. A pass-through charging port and 3.5mm headphone jack make it easy to keep the fun going.

We love the idea that we don’t have to keep a charge on yet another gadget. There doesn’t seem to be any noticeable additional power drain which is beautiful. The Galaxy S23 Ultra has no charging issues even though it isn’t on the compatibility list.

Although the G8 supports iPhone 15 with Type-C port there is no app support for iPhone at this time. If you’re playing natively supported games that’s great but if you want to map buttons or upgrade firmware you’ll need an Android device.

GameSir has provided us with the G8 Galileo so that we could provide hands on review coverage of the mobile gaming controller and our experience with the unit to our readers.

Customizable face plates and thumb sticks

The G8 allows you to change face plates for customization. It also comes with a few replacement thumb grips you can easily swap out. Though there isn’t much in the way of customizable accessories just yet and we could probably give a care if there is or isn’t; What is more important is that the Galileo G8 is a solid and well made gaming controller.

The face plates for the left and right side are connected by 4 strong magnets. Once you remove the face plate you are free to swap out the thumbsticks. The thumbsticks are easily removable/replaceable; just tug gently upwards to remove, depress gently to secure the new thumbstick.

GameSir G8 Galileo smartphone camera clearance

The Fit

The G8 carves out some space for the iPhone 15’s camera depth of 5mm but has only allotted 1mm depth for a case. The camera lens (s) will fall right into the extra space that is created when you seat your phone into the G8 as shown above in the picture. It’s relatively safe to say that most phone cases (at least ones with any type of worthy protection) won’t fit in the G8.

We were unable to fit the Galaxy S23 Ultra in there with the UAG Monarch Pro Kevlar or the Plyo Clear; both cases needed to be removed to use the G8 Galileo. It would have been nice to have just a bit more clearance so you don’t have to remove your case because There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.

GameSir G8 Galileo telescopic

There are some mods out there that will allow you to extend the telescoping functionality to adapt the fit for an 8″ tablet. Looks quite nice actually and rivals the PS5 PlayStation Portal. At $199 its hard to put together a tablet / controller combo that will vastly outperform the PS Portal at that price. You may however already have one laying around that could be suitable, in that case you have options.

G8 Galileo hinged Type-C USB port

Thoughtfully the USB-C plug is built on a hinge so that you can more easily guide your phone into the seated position without damaging your USB-C port.

The Grip

Size wise the G8 fits pretty well for both smaller and larger hands alike. For large hands it may be slightly on the smaller side but still operable and a fair compromise for a OSFA design.

The grip shape very closely resembles a PS5/PS4 or Switch controller, but the button layout is Xbox so it will be familiar to both PlayStation, Switch as well as Xbox gamers.

Though it can be cool to customize your controller, we could probably care less about replaceable face plates. Certainly stability reigns over aesthetics but the G8 definitely has a solid foundation; GameSir did it right with the G8.

GameSir G8 Galileo Review Type C Mobile Gaming Controller

Gameplay Experience

What’s really nice about having a 3rd party controller for mobile games is two-fold; you have a physical controller and you also keep your screen free of fingers so you get a better view of your game. That alone is worth the weight if you are a big mobile gamer.

The Gaming Modes

PS Mode – supports PlayStation remote play
Android Mode – controller-supported games
G-Touch Mode – for games that DO NOT have native support or only support touch screen the Android app is able to map your touch controls to the G8 Galileo.

Game support for: Xbox Game Pass, PS Remote Play, Steam Link, Moonlight

Android mode for natively supported games gives the best experience. For example games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Asphalt 9, Diablo Immortal feel completely natural and give that console gaming experience. Diablo Immortal, can’t seem to get into it with the normal tap method but playing with the G8 Galileo absolutely gives the game new life for us, makes it fun again.

The G-Touch mode can be hit or miss depending on the style of virtual controls. For example for games that have a single virtual d-pad style directional control the G-Touch works great and you can map all your buttons quite easily. However if you have a game that requires you to tap around many many areas like a Star Trek Fleet Command, then the G-Touch controller is sometimes not worth the effort and tapping directly on the screen is still best.

Using the Gamesir app you’ll need to allow permissions for it to overlay your device in order to map buttons and it needs to be on Android since the app doesn’t support iOS just yet. That said, without the software it just works for supported games; not only can you play them with a natural console feel you can even navigate your phone home pages, launch apps and fully interact with your phone’s user interface.

Recommended buy

GameSir’s G8 Galileo is one of the best if not The Best mobile gaming controller on the market right now. The build quality feels fantastic and native game play is as natural as it is on the console. Highly recommended if you run a Type-C phone and are a big mobile gamer. Why get stuck at the console when you can take it with you on the go. Supports both Android and iPhone 15 with Type-C port. GameSir app software only supports Android at this time.

GameSir G8 Galileo Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller $71.99 $79.99

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Build Quality
Gaming Experience
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gamesir-g8-galileo-review-type-c-mobile-gaming-controllerGameSir's G8 Galileo gives you the console experience you want wherever you are on your smartphone. This Type-C mobile gaming controller is Android and iOS compatible and features pass-through charging so you can keep the fun going. Built on a solid foundation the G8 Galileo aims to knock the ball out of the park. It very well may be the best mobile gaming controller available anywhere right now.

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